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Helping build the local improvisation scene in 2019

If you like improvisation, and the community that is building up in the UK and Ireland, there are a lot of ways to support it. I know because I asked the community and they offered a load of amazing ideas! In the spirit of improv, I’ve melded the ideas together […]

Initiative for women in improvisation in the Northeast

Invitation from Alex Fradera, Will Steele (Open Heart Theatre) and Owen Scrivens. We’ve been running Let Us Make It Up To You every month since February, and we’re so excited about the night and the enthusiasm people are bringing to it. It exists to serve some wider objectives: to showcase improvisation […]

Open Heart Bursary Scheme

One of the many things we love about improvisation is how welcoming it is. To complement the warm atmosphere in the training room, we want to find ways to make improvisation even more welcoming to more people. One of these ways is our Bursary scheme. Course bursary This bursary is […]

A quick primer on improvised storytelling.

After teaching my introductory course students our session on storytelling, a student asked if I could write up an overview of what we looked at. Once I was done, I thought I may as well publish it here – so here we are. These storytelling fundamentals are well-described in Keith Johnstone’s Impro […]

Let Us Make It Up To You launches on the twentieth February

Show talk! Real talk. Let Us Make It Up To You is our new night of improvised comedy coming to Newcastle. Working alongside the already vibrant North East improv scene we will curate a superb bill celebrating spontaneous performance. It takes place at Alphabetti Theatre. The Facebook page for the night is here. […]

The first story, the second story, and three ways to play

The second story is a useful concept for improvisers that I first learned at The Spontaneity Shop. The idea is that because improvisation is made up on the spot, you’re always telling two stories to your audience. The first story is the one that you are providing to your audience […]

We’re Open!

Today’s a day for the diary!   Why?   Because today Open Heart Theatre begins its local training sessions in Newcastle! Now and over the coming weeks, we’ll be visiting student groups to give them a taste of improvisation in general, and the OHT’s unique take on it, all led […]