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Media and Testimonials

(New!) Media

Review of Old Haunts format at the Phoenix Remix 

Interview with Open Heart Theatre at the Phoenix Remix

Discussion at the Non-Sequitur podcast

Review of our inaugural Let Us Make It Up To You show

Interview with Let Us Make It Up To You at the Phoenix Remix

What people are saying about our shows

“The night is welcoming, fun, funny and a great example of what an incredible improv scene Newcastle has both in terms of talent and in sense of community!” (Lloydie, Nottingham MissImp improvisation theatre)

What people are saying about our beginners Heartcore course in 2017 and 2018

“The Workshops are an excellent introduction to Improv, covering all the basics but with exercises and approaches that are often just a little different to those you might find in other Improv classes. Highly recommended!”

“Heartcore has made me a more confident, spontaneous, adventurous performer and has got me hooked on improv forever!”

“It took the fear out of making things up on the spot and made me go from fearing improv to wanting to perform it at a professional show.”

“The course was a fantastic exploration of all areas of Improvisation! I learned a LOT of new skills and exercises.”

“Thank you so much for a really great course. Loved every minute of it. I thought your teaching was calm, considered and very supportive and I felt very at ease with an activity I thought was going to make me feel very uncomfortable!”

What people are saying about our Heart to Heart scenework course in 2018

“Be amazed at what your totally blank mind can come up with!”

“A super course for anyone with a little or a lot of Improv knowledge, covering many ways to get into a scene and build a scene using ideas and techniques you may not have considered before.”

“I felt privileged to be in the company of such a fine teacher and with a group of colleagues who were so affirming of each other.”

“I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s something that I’ve gone into knowing not too much about and I feel like I’ve really gotten something out of it.”

What people have said about our 2016 Open Heart classes in the US

“Will and Alex had an easy-going, unpretentious approach to the work that made it all very accessible.”

“It felt like structured play time, with lots of opportunity to try new things, in a safe environment where screwing up was just part of the process.”

“Alex and Will were wonderful.”

“Oh yeah. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.”

Other feedback about our teaching

“Thanks to your methodologically-didactic skills the workshop day was a good mix of interesting parts of theory, helpful exercises and enough time that everyone could practice in improv scenes. As a trainer you gave a good framework that made it easy for participants to get connected, feel comfortable with trying new things and take away fresh improv skills. I really appreciated your side coaching in improv scenes and I had a lot of fun. Workshop goal achieved: we found the fun in suffering. A lot!”  Participant in the “Finding fun in suffering” workshop at Karlsruhe Improv Festival, 2019

“IGLU theatre from Ljubljana organises improv workshops with amazing teachers once a month and in this great array of classes, Alex Fradera’s workshop was absolutely one of the most fun ones we had!” Juš Milčinski, IGLU – Improvisational Theatre of Ljubljana, 2017

“Clear, concise, well thought out and deeply intelligent. Mr. Fradera is a man who knows his business inside out.” (Participant in Bremen, Germany 2017)

“Alex’s teaching style is relaxed. I feel like I can be myself in his classroom” (Participant in Bremen, Germany 2017)

“Just experienced a fantastic workshop on organic improvising by the great Alex Fradera! Very inspiring and I’m looking forward to incorporate into my playing. Thanks a lot!” (Participant in Würzburg, Germany 2015)

“The workshops were really were great, so stimulating – wishing you to inspire and rise more souls around the world.” (Participant in Warsaw, Poland 2014)

“I really enjoyed it and came away with loads of new ideas and inspiration. As someone who’s only ever really done short form it was great to see ways to play with the form.” (Participant in Newcastle, 2013)

“I enjoyed the Warsaw workshop very much…I would like to repeat this experience of Alex’s workshop once more!” (Participant in Warsaw, Poland 2013)