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We’re Open!

Will, winging his way to our first official session

Today’s a day for the diary!




Because today Open Heart Theatre begins its local training sessions in Newcastle! Now and over the coming weeks, we’ll be visiting student groups to give them a taste of improvisation in general, and the OHT’s unique take on it, all led by the indomitable William Steele.

Although Will and I have been teaching together for some years now, and some of the workshops I ran in the US over the summer used the OHT brand, this week is our official launch. That’s right. We’re open!




While Will is representing the theatre, I’m cheerleading from afar. At the moment I’m working as the guest instructor at the Courtyard Playhouse in Dubai, a full-time improvisation theatre with its own venue and a full itinerary. It’s a great space – check it out:


A selfie taken in front of a wooden stage with several doors and entrances built in to it
The Playhouse Stage
A selfie taken with the window into a technical booth at the very back, behind rows of theatre seats
The Playhouse seating and tech booth










After a fun show yesterday we’re debuting our Jane Austen genre show tonight, and I’m darting from workshops on storytelling, mask and physicality, and improvisation basics.

It’s inspiring to be in this space and freeballing ideas with a great team of creatives, and I can’t wait to share what we’re doing and learning with our students when I get back in a month! (For a taste of what they get up to, check out the October schedule here in pdf).


Remember, our introductory course kicks off on October 23rd, open to all. You can find out more and sign up here. We’re excited to see you!


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