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Open Heart Bursary Scheme

One of the many things we love about improvisation is how welcoming it is. To complement the warm atmosphere in the training room, we want to find ways to make improvisation even more welcoming to more people. One of these ways is our Bursary scheme.

Course bursary

This bursary is available for people interested in taking one of our multi-week courses.

Under this scheme, the applicant attends the course for 50% of the full price.

Two bursaries are normally available for a single course.

Visitor bursary

Many of the instructors who visit us also have strong feelings about accessibility, and on request we have started to offer bursaries for these, typically one-day workshops.

The approach we are currently offering is a spot on the workshop without cost.

One bursary is normally available for a given visitor workshop.

This is a new model that we are still trialing as the financial approach for visitors is more complex (different costs and guarantees involved), and may not apply in every instance. But unless we say differently here, it’s fair to assume this may be in place, and always feel free to ask. We will try to explicitly flag bursary availability but in case we don’t, you can still always feel free to ask.

Application for a bursary

To apply, write to us at with the header “Bursary for” and which course/workshop you are interested in. Briefly outline why you would like to attend – a paragraph is more than enough, and there is no expectation for you to explain your financial circumstances in any way. We will confirm receipt of your application as soon as possible, and will share our decision on whether an application is successful at least three days before the workshop takes place (longer if specified).

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