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Let Us Make It Up To You launches on the twentieth February

Show talk! Real talk.

Let Us Make It Up To You is our new night of improvised comedy coming to Newcastle. Working alongside the already vibrant North East improv scene we will curate a superb bill celebrating spontaneous performance. It takes place at Alphabetti Theatre. The Facebook page for the night is here.

Why have a mixed bill night? I talk about this a bit in our last newsletter (which you can find in our public archive, in case you didn’t know). It’s great to see different styles of improvisation performed, and how even different players doing the same format can result in a very different feel. We all learn when we share a bill together. This variety is good for the audience too, and good for the sense of improvisation being an artform of limitless possibilities – which is exactly as it should be.

A mixed bill is a good bet for prospective audience members who aren’t already aficionados, just as you’re unlikely to go to a committed to a single unknown stand-up – too risky – but you could take a chance on a night involving a bunch of unknowns. And a well-curated bill means you can take some real risks while producing a quality show. Plus, it’s a chance for every act to grow their audience by exposure to people who didn’t come explicitly to see them!

Launch night: Tuesday 20th February at 8pm – buy tickets here

Who’s on? Our house team, The Hang, will be hanging out, mining gold nuggets from characters in everyday conversation and polishing them into high-powered runs of sketches. And we’ll be joined by two guest groups!

Our local guests are Spontaneous Wrecks. They will be bringing their format “Picture This”: short form tales inspired by audience doodles and sketches. Pens and paper ready!

Spontaneous Wrecks formed in Newcastle and have been entertaining audiences ever since. They host a monthly show on the first Wednesday of every month.

And from Nottingham we welcome improv duo The Clones. With no script, no staging, and only a pair of chairs for a set, they spin a simple audience suggestion into hilarious, spontaneous entertainment. Plots and sub-plots galore, and a whole cast of characters effortlessly juggled by the two improvisers. This is comedy theatre like you’ve never seen it before: You will laugh, you may cry… Who knows what’ll happen? They sure don’t.

The Clones are Lloydie James Lloyd (The Maydays), & Liam Webber (“Extraordinary Performer” -The Scotsman): two leading lights from Nottingham’s thriving improv scene. Both teach for Nottingham’s leading school Missimp and perform together in longform musical group Rhymes Against Humanity. A chance encounter at the Edinburgh Fringe a couple years ago, threw the two performers onto a stage in a twoprov and they’ve been doing it ever since.

So come along! It’s the begin of something special, and who doesn’t want to be there for that?

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