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We love your style – An introduction to genre improvisation

Ever wanted to improvise a gothic horror? Maybe a romantic comedy? How about a superhero origins story?

Then this course may be for you.

Open Heart theatre want to help you on your first steps to becoming the next Austentatious by teaching you how to analyse a genre, break it down into its base components and then put it altogether to create an entertaining improv show.

Over the four weeks of the course we will look at the different aspects that make a genre show work for both the performers and an audience. We will introduce you to creating a world, becoming the archetypical characters, hitting all the right plot points and then building a structure to make your genre work exciting and familiar at the same time.

Going beyond the classic genre rollercoaster short form game and giving you the tools to approach any genre you would like to spontaneously create on stage.

To find out when we are running the next run of this course, and to apply for a place, see our Available Courses page.