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Let Us Make It Up To You Performer Information

Let Us Make It Up To You is a mixed bill improv show we’re running in Newcastle upon Tyne. This page has information for groups that perform with us. We try and make everything as transparent as possible. If there’s more info that would be useful for you from the off, let us know and we’ll see if we can add it.


Showtime is 8pm, calltime 6:30pm.

The venue is Alphabetti Theatre, which is a really nice independent theatre with a good setup, seats up to about 80 in a horseshoe but also feels lively with fewer (you just centre the crowd all in the front).

Our House team, The Hang, normally play the first full set – a longform with resemblance to the Pretty Flower or Deconstruction. 25-30 mins.

The middle set is typically reserved for our local guests. 25-30 mins.

The final set is normally for out-of-town guests. 30-40 mins.

If guests have a sense that their set will be on the longer or shorter side, we’re happy to know this beforehand as we can plan the night with that in mind.

Depending on timings, we try to include a chance for members of the acts to play together – a shortform game at the top, or a short montage at the end. If acts don’t want to do it, we don’t.

Final running order is at our discretion. We will host the show. Acts are welcome to plug stuff.

Money stuff

After the theatre take their cut, the remaining ticket income is put towards expenses. The main ones are marketing costs (Facebook boosts, a share of the poster costs) and travel expenses for performers. For travellers from further afield, do book in advance, especially if there are more than a few of you. Note that we can’t guarantee that all expenses can be compensated in full – but they are our number one priority.

If playing your set involves another expense you think it’s fair to consider then talk to us in advance. Don’t surprise us by smashing a Faberge egg at the close of your set!

If all expenses are paid in full the remaining profit will be shared three ways between the groups.

Out-of-towners extra info: 

We will find overnight stay for visiting performers, somewhere safe and friendly. Talk to us if you have specific requirements.

If it works for your schedule, we can explore hosting a workshop for you to teach at to further defray costs/time investment.

We would also like to offer you some North East hospitality – depending on the time of year, this could be a trip to the coast, a visit to a castle, hitting some fun cafes or a board game session!