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Open World – techniques for explorative improvisation

Where can your improv go? Absolutely anywhere. So on this course, we’ll chase it everywhere. By following the fun and seizing every inspiration, we will uncover the world that the scene only hinted at, layer history onto characters with time travel, snatch at throw-away references and bring them to life. Give us an inch? We’ll take a mile.

This means going with your instincts, being bold rather than sweating being good, and knowing that your whole team has got your back: improv that’s high on trust, and pays off in wonder. Jumping down the rabbithole can bring you to magical locations – so do it!

The training is underpinned by our whole-hearted approach: committing to our choices, fuelling our scenes with emotion, and putting more of ourselves into the work.

To find out when we are running the next Heart to Heart course, and to apply for a place, see our Available Courses page.