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Old Haunts

A format developed for the 2019 Newcastle Improvisation Festival, conceived by Open Heart and devised with the performers. These were

  • Alex Fradera
  • Will Steele
  • Owen Scrivens
  • Hazel Dixon
  • Kerris Gibson
  • Matt Selman

Every place has a story. This improvised one-act play brings to life the dramas, relationships and emotions of a single location, through the events of a present day, coloured by hopes for the future and the echoes of the past.

The form uses scene-painting as a central technique, limited to two figures – the spirits of the place – who paint the location to begin with and can intervene during the action to show the audience more meanings within the space. The format aims at developing and heightening relationships between the characters, taking on the themes and undercurrents within the location.