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New improvisation course: Core Principles

We’re excited about this one!

What helps an improviser be their best onstage? At Open Heart Theatre we bet on openness, presence, connection, and vulnerability. These are the foundations on which truly fantastic improvisation is built, no matter your experience level. These are the Core Principles.

The Core Principles program is a seven-week training course which follows on from our
‘Heartcore’ beginner courses run over 2017/18. Core Principles takes the sum and substance of the Open Heart approach to enable you as a performer to bring your best – most open, present, connected and bravest you – to the stage.

No prior training is necessary as we seamlessly draw on the key elements of Heartcore in this new performance-focused course. It culminates in a performance slot at the Prohibition Bar in central Newcastle as part of the Say What monthly improv jam. Whether you are new to improvisation, or wanting to take your next step, build your Core Principles with Open Heart Theatre.

Every Monday for seven weeks from Monday 13th May. Last week 24th June.
Time: 7pm to 9pm.
Show opportunity follows on evening of the 7th July.

Sign up here.