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Lighting and Lovecraft: twin classes taught by guest instructors Lindsey McGowen and Peter Rogers

We’re delighted to have guest improvisers and teachers over from Austin, Texas in October. They are hugely experienced, and we believe they will be bringing something unique and new to the Newcastle improvised comedy and theatre scene.

The two workshops are 

“Improvised Lovecraft” – using cosmic horror as a vehicle to improvise better in genre. 11am-1pm

“World of Techcraft” – taking improv performances to the next level through light, sound and deep collaboration with the performers onstage.

Either workshop can be taken separately or together for a discount!

Please note the above: these are two workshops, one starting at 11am and another at 2pm, so if you choose to sign up for only one, take note of when the start time is!


Improvised Lovecraft Workshop – taught by Peter Rogers

H. P. Lovecraft.  Even if you don’t know the name, you know his influence.  His world of”cosmic horror” echoes in work ranging from Stephen King’s It to British Folk Horror.  generates terror from a fictional world of secret knowledge, creeping madness, and a sense that humanity itself is terrifyingly insignificant.  

This workshop teaches you how to improvise in this style. 

You’ll learn how to handle Lovecrafts narrative voice, story structure, and sense of overwhelming scale  and in the process, you’ll learn about ‘breaking’ traditional narrative improv to accommodate unique genres.

An exciting workshop opportunity for any improvisers wanting to improve their grasp of narrative, structure and genre from a hugely experienced improviser.

Peter Rogers is an improv coach and director in Austin, Texas.  He has improvised for fifteen years and appeared in over a dozen mainstages, including extensive work with The Black Vault: Improvised Horror in the Style of H. P. Lovecraft.  He’s gone on to produce Tales from the Black Vault, an improvised podcast of horror stories, with the same group.  He lives down the street from an old bridge that houses 1.5 million bats.


World of Techcraft workshop  taught by Lindsey McGowen

Improv tech takes performances to the next level. It builds rich and engaging worlds. It shapes and builds emotions over time. And it raises a show’s production values, really giving your audience their money’s worth.

This workshop teaches you how to make that magic happen. With a fun mix of theory, games, and exercises, you’ll learn how to paint with light and layer together sounds, and how to collaborate effectively with the actors onstage.
Whether you have a single laptop or a full-fledged light grid, World of Techcraft will teach you how to make your shows magical.

A rare opportunity to learn about the neglected art of tech improvisation! 

A great workshop for any improvisers thinking about getting on stage, for experienced improv performers to take their shows to the next level or for theatre technicians to learn how to work with improvised shows.


Lindsey McGowen is the award-winning Mainstage Technical Director and Production Manager at the Hideout Theatre in Austin, TX. Shes designed lights, sound or video (sometimes all three!) for more than 30 improvised plays, and been a regular featured collaborator of the Hideouts own Parallellogramophonograph. Improvised theatrical design is her passion, and she cant wait to share it with you