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Liam’s All-You-Can-Improv Format Buffet

Open Heart Theatre are excited to welcome Liam Webber to run a workshop with us on the 5th October. Gorge yourself on an improv buffet of five new formats in five fun-filled hours! Booking for this workshop is through the link here.

We are offering one bursary for this workshop to allow someone who would otherwise find it difficult to participate to do so. The bursary allows attendance in full for free. To apply, write to us at with the header “Bursary Scheme.” Briefly outline why you would like to attend – a paragraph is more than enough, and you don’t need to explain your financial circumstances. Deadline to apply is the 15th September and we will let applicants know if they have been selected by the 21st September.

In improv, formats are a funny thing! What start as a trusty, reliable framework to hang our wonderful scenes on, can all too quickly become cages for our creativity… So what do we do? How can we build a satisfying longform piece and still keep all the spontaneous joy and chaos of improv?

We’ll explore this as we chomp our way through a veritable banquet of formats – getting taste of what different flavours each new form brings! By playing with a tonne of new structures, and by focusing on finding the fun and connecting as an ensemble, we’ll see how each different form brings out different aspects of us as performers and a team and how we can use that to hilarious effect… Expect plenty of stage time and a bunch of brand new ideas as we explore together the thrill in each new form and how to use that to help that joyous lightning strike every time you hit the stage!

We’ll take a fun and flexible approach to learning and playing with forms, you’ll be encouraged to make big moves and take big risks as performers to find spontaneity and hilarity within each format – making each your own as we whistle through them!

After the workshop, you’ll walk away with a new set of forms you can practice, play with, and mould into your own cool shows. That’s not all though – through looking at these different forms and putting the fun first, we’ll develop a bunch of cool tools, neat tricks, and fun ideas which you can take into whatever it is you’re doing, from shortform shows to longform pieces and beyond, to help bring the fun (and the funny) back to your stage!

About Liam:

Liam is an improviser and teacher based in Nottingham, UK. As well as studying at iO Chicago (formerly Improv Olympic) and Chicago Improv Studio, he has worked with teachers from a huge variety of improvised and theatrical schools of thought from across the globe, all of which have inspired and informed his practice as a performer and a teacher. He can be found regularly performing all over at shows and festivals, with The Clones, Denise’s 50th, Rhymes Against Humanity, and more. He’s also a huge Talking Heads fan… So talk to him about that.

The press say…

“Extraordinary Performer” – The Scotsman

“An improv tour-de-force” – LeftLion, Nottingham

Students say…

“Liam is a wonderful teacher full of love and passion for improv that quickly become contagious.”

“Liam’s positivity is infectious and encourages you to try lots of new things with confidence.”

“Liam is a fantastic teacher. A combination of warmth and compassion with a deep knowledge, attention to detail and huge passion for the art form!”