Who we are

Alex Fradera, Founder

Alex has been improvising for over ten years, and has taught the art form in Germany, Poland, Finland, France, Slovenia, the UAE, USA, and across the UK.

Alex works with a number of UK-based and international improvisation groups, including German/international supergroup Der Kaktus and performance art parodists The Dreaming.

He has developed original improvised formats that have played internationally, including chamber pieces, middle eastern metafiction, and shows inspired by the writings of Tom Stoppard and Haruki Murukami.

He became Artistic Director of the W├╝rzburg Festival in 2016, and is a member of Ohana, a European network of improvisers.



William Steele, Founder

Will began his journey in Impro in 2008 whilst studying Scriptwriting at Northumbria University He stumbled across Keith Johnstone‘s seminal work ‘Impro’. Fascinated, he┬áimmediately began experimenting with friends around their studies and has been going on about and around with this ever since. He was also immediately held by Impro’s last chapter on ‘Mask and Trance’ and was lucky enough to attend a workshop with Steve Jarand where he (along with Alex) was first exposed to this mad artform. His impro has been tied up with both of them ever since! He is also a puppeteer and a Director of Space Six.